Quality Statement

Alam Terumas Sdn. Bhd. provides quality construction in the form of building and civil works of Housing, Office, Factory, Automobiles Showroom and renovation for office facilities & shopping mall retail.

It accesses and transforms policy into tangible, yet accessible information, which is disseminated to all tiers of government and local community structure. Excellent working relationships have been established with other alliances, which have yielded great rewards.

We implement intensive development and training programmes such as:

• (CONQUAS) Construction Quality Assessment System by (BCA) Building Authority Singapore
• (Qlassic) Quality Assessment System in Construction by (CIDB) Construction Industry Board of Authority
• (CCPM) Certified Project Managers & Certification by (CIDB) Construction Industry Board of Authority
• (CIPAA) Certificate of Attendance on Management and Payment Claim according to Construction Industry Payment and Adjuction Act 2012
• (MPP) Certificate of Achievement on Mastering Project 2010
• (PMP) PMP Certification Preparation Course
• Sijil Kelulusan Scaffolder

to the Key Personnel in an effort to constantly raise our performance and set standards at the level we consider in keeping with our approach of delivering quality products to our clients.

Professional Certification




BCA Certified Conquas Manager

CIDB Certified Supervisor

Sijil Kelulusan Scaffolder